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Client is a contractor that provides calibration and maintenance services to a number of industrial customers. In this case the service is to ambient gas quality sensing for monitoring and alarm. This is a personal safety function that requires periodic testing, typically every 3 or 6 months. Complete and accurate records of testing and maintenance are required. Clear and concise customer reports are also required. The Admin Application is the repository for all collected data. As part of the dispatch process, relevant data is extracted (copied) from the Admin Application and transmitted to the Leader Application where new data is input. On completion of work the new data generated is uploaded to the Admin Application where it is audited before being added to the existing data. The Leader Application that is used under field conditions, makes extensive use of pull-down selections for data entry in order to: minimize errors, reduce data entry time and provide consistent data to simplify analysis.

Some are modules like:

  • Equipment control, last bullet. We will need to address two situations:
    • During a calibration test we identify that the sensor has failed, it is replaced and the new sensor calibrated
    • During normal day to day operation the sensor fails and we are called in to replace and calibrate this sensor only. In both cases we want to maintain a history of the measurement point (Tag Number).
  • Future use of this information will be to identify repeat offenders (so proactive corrective action can be initiated), adjust inventory levels- the life of a sensor is highly dependent on environment. We may occasionally need to print a Tag Number history (Marsh Letterhead, company header, instrument header, chronology: sort by date, event (calibration, repair/replace including new serial number and comments).
  • Regarding Gas Record- Data Bases- all information input by Operator except as noted. Should be a separate screen for each data base.
  • Customer data base Used to supply information for service report and test report
    Customer Company Name; Contact, address, city, Contact telephone
  • Test Gas data base-Used to control test gases.Each recipe of test gas has an EQC # (EQC123) and each bottle of that gas has a unique identifier (EQC123.22)
    For each recipe, we require a supplier order number
    For each unique bottle of gas we require: purchase date, date of first use, date of last use, gas concentration, balance gas.

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