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Lookup It Solutions has developed unique concept based game application on web. Online portal provide online game for song. Games are created and controlled by a game show host. The host has an account that allows setting up of games by managing playlists and running the actual game event. Prior to the actual game event, the host needs to decide and, if needed, configure playlists.

For the game, a song is played through the game host’s computer. The music is played back through a sound system dedicated to the environment. While the song is playing back, the song title and artist are obscured on the screen, and slowly revealed. Think Vanna White turning the letter blocks on Wheel of Fortune one at a time.

Once the song starts to play, participants can submit guesses for the artist/title. A correct guess can earn a maximum of 100 points for the artist, and 100 points for the title. Players can enter guesses for both title and artist and submit both, or submit each guess separately.

When the song starts, the point counter starts at 100 points for the artist and title and as more clues are revealed in the song artist and title, the points decrease down to zero. The game consists of two different modes, normal and tournament. Normal gameplay is a single game in which each contestant is submitting guesses, and an overall leader is established. Tournament play is where multiple rounds are used to reduce the number of players to a single champion. In tournament play, players with the lowest scores are prevented from continuing in the next round.

Several external connections are present for various features, including:

  • Dropbox for storing music files
  • Com for monitoring
  • Com for state communication with clients
  • Com for staging hosting
  • Stripe for payment API

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