Enterprise CMS & Open source

A website is meaningful when it is updated frequently to make audience informed with company’s latest news, events, white papers, brochure, case studies etc. It is always advisable to engage your web agency for regular Website maintenance but you may require to change something without seeking assistance from your web design company. If your team is knowledgeable, you can also maintain your website without depending on web agency.


WordPress is a free open source platform today occupy its position in almost one fourth of total websites across the globe. Originally initiated as the easiest blogging tool, WordPress is today strongest content management system (CMS) for websites. The easy admin interface helps the web owners to change the content of website real time. By the demand and usage of WordPress, there are numerous ad ons and plugins have been developed for many other standard features of a full fledged website. The components can be very simple like updating a news item to complex like compete e-commerce.

Lookupit dedicated WordPress experts have developed several WordPress based websites from simple CMS to large web applications. Given the platform from an open community, strict attention is paid in adapting quality of code, functionalities, analyzing the overall impact on website and quality assurance Contact us today for your content management system based websites.


Why to have a WordPress based website:

  • WordPress is a robust well proven platform for blogging and content management system
  • With the help of CMS associated to your website, maintenance of the website is very easy through its control panel. Even a novice can change the text and replace images.
  • Addition of blog is really easy since the WordPress itself is a blogging platform
  • SEO-friendly pages are created through WordPress CMS along with permalinks
  • Management of pages are fairly simple as compared to plain HTML pages
  • Multi user and multi blogging is possible through WordPress based CMS websites
  • great responsive structure to view the website in different devices
  • Good number of readymade plugins to save your money
  • Single-sourcing and publication of content across channels / websites
  • Access control to ensure that only authorized personnel edit, delete, or post content


Oracle Apex

Oracle Application Express formerly called Oracle APEX. It is a web application development tool. With Oracle APEX, using only a web browser and limited programming experience, one can develop and deploy fast & secure professional. Oracle APEX combines qualities of a personal database, productivity, database flexibility, enterprise security, integrity, scalability, and availability.

Lookupit serves custom application development service to build best solutions to your business. We design the backbone of database, user interface and backend process with meeting your existing needs with well-designed interface. Oracle Apex is an integrated tool to easily migrate Microsoft Access applications to modern web development standards. Our team of Oracle Apex helps you to design and deploy database applications using only a web browser and has the ability to meet deadlines, maintaining the quality of the work under the constant control to deliver a product that is based on customer’s requirements.

Oracle APEX is the main tool which is used for developing web applications and Oracle database that uses development environment to create web-Oracle APEX is the main tool which is used for developing web applications and Oracle database that uses development environment to create web-based applications using SQL. Oracle APEX engine displays the development environment to create web-based applications using SQL. Oracle APEX engine displays the pages dynamically in real time data in the repository metadata. It can eliminate the need for a complex application server level with full development on cloud base. It allows you to build an entire application both on own private Cloud or public Cloud structure of Oracle database.

Lookupit Oracle APEX Development:

  • Perfect combination of mobile apps and desktop application with database.
  • Cloud deployment and management.
  • Trusted application support center.


Lookupit delivers unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use as the industry’s preeminent WooCommerce solutions for marketers to drive digital engagement for business. Internet is booming new medium for promoting and selling your products and services to customers across the globe.
A Good designed website is at most important tool to attract customers. WooCommerce is a framework that is used to manage the content of a dynamic website that requires storage, publishing, creativity, maintenance and organization. Trivial Works WooCommerce websites designing have visual appeal, user friendliness, and rich content and above all, be search engine optimized in order to attract & retain visitors.
We at Lookupit ensure your website works for your business for maximum presence on the website users who should actually know your existence, visit your website, appreciate you and translate to leads or sales. By choosing our WooCommerce services you will be able to manage your site easily and also help out those who are not quite as well catered for as you are.
Technology That We Use:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento