Industry Specific Solutions

Quote MIS is an online web based quoting software solution. The software allows you to create quotes/estimates for your customer, manage the orders and purchases and helps to generate an invoice from the system.

  • The online estimating tool has the following features:
  • Web based application helps you in managing your quotes/estimates to the customer
  • You can use predefined templates to create quotes in PDF format
  • You can maintain history of quotes, rerun the old estimates, and resend it to the customer.
  • Create Quotes vs Conversion Report to distinguish your customers most valuable or reliable etc.
  • Progress your estimate to become an Order
  • Track various process of orders and email customer the status
  • Allow customer to login and view the status of their order
  • Create Purchase Order and send directly to the supplier
  • Raise invoice from the system and mark the Invoice as paid/not paid
  • Export invoices to accounting package
  • Manage inventory warehouse and STOCK management
  • Personalize the system to suit your business
  • Highly customizable to suit your process needs
  • Web based, Software as a Service model, which means pay as you use.
  • Affordable and 24X7 support
  • Contact us for a free demo and personalization.

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Dynamic Custom Form Builder

Dynamic Form builder is the solution from lookup that helps you to create online forms for your website or web application. The solution is easy to use, dynamic in nature and you can see your form taking shape as you add the elements and its attributes.

  • Form needs to be built more frequently
  • Form elements keep changing
  • Many forms must be built and clients do not want to engage a developer to build forms on a frequent basis
  • The same forms can be embedded on multiple sites or platforms and have a common place of viewing the data
  • Web based, easy to use tool

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