We are one of the leading consultant for AWS services establishment & support afterwards. We manages all types of requirements as sighted organizations scaling from startups to enterprises net worth. The strategically defined AWS solution helps and suffices all your business goals – objectives as Amazon is offering broad spectrum of their enormous service packages.

The AWS provides you an elastic IT infrastructure services (complete flexibility in terms of infrastructure plans, their configuration and consumption – usage statistics) as per the demands of your business. With the minimal (lowest) cost and efforts as required, you can move to the AWS cloud infrastructure. It reduces capital expenses, minimize cost for the server support and administrative costs however still retain the performance, security and reliability needs for your business demands.

Our Cloud Adoption framework will equip you to put a detailed plan for your Road Map. With our consulting, we find best AWS approach for your organization and determine a business case and ROI for implementing and managing your AWS cloud services.
By conducting communication with your stakeholders and by using the right AWS products and services our solution architects will recommend a complete plan, that cover AWS Cloud architecture, tools and technologies, Services & processes, total cost of ownership and the managed services requirements.
Our AWS engineers and architects help you to migrate your existing applications (web portals / stuff) from the existing infrastructure to AWS Cloud. Along with, we also offer you migration of large sets of your existing data (database) to the new AWS environment in the fastest possible way.
Along with cloud migration, we also keep maintaining your website / portal to keep it function in a seamless manner. The migrated web stuff preserves inbuilt security as well as durability aspects as being offered by AWS service.
We offer you an affordable data warehouse solution using AWS’s Redshift service. By using this service, you get a fast & accurate, fully-managed, Petabyte-scale data warehouse at the reasonable costs that nobody can offer for a moment. We design a warehouse as per your needs, deliver and then manage it. Alongside, we also keep integrating business intelligence (BI) and reporting of applications as it tailor made for businesses across various Industry verticals.

We can offer you services for:

  • Designing a Data Warehouse
  • Implementing a Data Warehouse on Amazon Redshift
  • Managing it continuously with having 24×7 shift and as per the agreed SLA terms.
We offer a solution for immerging needs of big data solution using Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) platform as a core.

To grab with big data requirements using Amazon EMR, we offer services for:

  • Selecting the appropriate (having best outcome as expected for your web application) AWS data storage options for the use with Amazon EMR.
  • Creating big data environments using conjunction with of Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Kinesis, and leverage best practices for better design of your big data needs.
  • Choose correct security options for the Amazon EMR and your big data requirements.
  • Doing (performing) in-memory data analysis with using Spark and Shark on Amazon EMR for various big data functions / operations.
  • Select correct (appropriate) options to manage your Amazon EMR environment as cost-effective.