Application Management & Consulting

Application management is an imperative discipline within IT Service management that focuses on application maintenance and application life cycle management. It is a continuous process of managing the governance, maintenance, optimization and improvisation of existing software application.

It Includes:

  • Application Maintenance and Change Management
  • Application Support Services
  • Problem Referral and Resolution Services
Lookupit Semantics focus on understanding requirement and work in a collaborative manner to provide complete support assistance in managing application systems for long term sustainability. Being in the industry for more than two decades, we have gained vast experience to provide a matured support during application life cycle management. Your application can be updated, expanded and re-engineered, consolidated and customized in shortest time. Entrusting your project with us will make your application efficient apart from relieving you from the tedious process of application engineering. Our team aims to help maximize your business value and minimize your maintenance cost while providing you an edge over competition in the industry. We match your business priorities with flexibility to further improve and enhance during any stage of development.

We offer following Application Management Services:-

  • Application Maintenance and Change Management:-Maintenance is an on-going process to enable application work as robustly and perfectly while refraining from any defect or bug. Change management is ensuring enhancements in existing application as per emerging business and regulatory requirements simultaneously maintaining core functionality of application system. We offer complete application life cycle management services for protective, adaptive and corrective maintenance.
  • Application Support Services:Clients often face bugs and hidden errors while applications are used in day-to-day business processes. In order to prevent any business loss in such situations, we offer Application Support Services to diagnose & rectify errors thereby ensuring trouble free functioning of Application.
  • Problem Referral and Resolution Services: The clients often face challenges and recurring issues that bound to hamper the productivity and performance. Such issues come because of mutable business requirement, inefficiency of existing application, malfunctioning of program module etc. We offer cost-effective problem oriented application management services to meet the client objectives and prevent possible business loss.

Benefits of Lookupit Semantics Services:

  • Enhanced, Secure, Stable applications
  • Providing SLA backed services
  • Resource pool to handle and work on latest and emerging technologies
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency
  • Risk mitigations
  • Faster execution of your business initiatives
  • Long term partnership
  • Your staff can concentrate on other business goals

Impact on Your Business

  • Continuous maintenance and Improvisation of existing platforms to maintain long term sustainability.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with existing system.
  • End to End Support service for seamless application working.
  • Increase in ROI with efficient IT system.

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