Client 1: MCEL (

We worked for on application for MCEL URL. CRM platform to manage mainly its pre-paid base customer, on the shops and the contact centre. The functionality expected from this application, ranges from customer history, customer provisioning and customer management. Each of the topics along with its operational details is presented in the each sections.

  • MINSAT to perform administrative tasks on the users and retrieve users account information. Protocol used CAI (customer Administration Interface).
  • AIR (Account Information and refill) – to refill users accounts and this is used both for refills and adjustments.
  • SDP (Service Delivery Platform) – this is the node that hosts customer account/tariff/offers information.
  • Voucher Server – This hosts the Voucher information. You need to integrate with this platform to change the status of a card as a result of a refill operation, based on the serial number.
  • SMSC – you will need to send SMS to customers or agents or Managers. (SMPP)
  • BSCS, this is a Billing system for Ericsson/LHS used for postpaid customers (interface is tables)

Client 2: PLUS Credit Union (

We worked for on application for Credit Union Bank. Loan Management System (LMS) along with Scope of Work, Functionality details, notes and changes plan & provide a ballpark cost and timeframe for implementing the requirement as proposed by the client.

Two kinds of role based logins shall be provided in the application viz. Staff and Admin. The general features of the application and features of each of the roles are explained below.

  • Login, Change/Forget password.
  • Masters / Lookup.
  • E-mail feature (Where ever is applicable).
  • User Management.
  • Online Application form.
  • Assigning of the Loan application
  • Application review & transfer.
  • Reports.

Client 3: Goodwill

We worked for on application URL It’s a public URL that is the reason I am sharing with you. We have built complete flow of job portal functionality. Also we have created Microsite for each state in United States that helping particular job search functionality for job seeker of particular state. Same for employer to create job. We have integrated High revue functionality that offer job seekers to give video or live interview based on employees questions. We are still working with some more functionality. We have been working on this project since last year. Now we are providing support for it.

Client 4: Travel Graphics

We have developed TGI maps project. It has map based hotel and tourist location search. It has option to end users can view the tourist spot based on location mentioned in the map with clear view. It has lot of information of particular places. It also show how to reach based on map locations.

We have helped them to reengineering their entire web applications. We had worked with closely with their team to provide solutions to speedup accessibility by end users.

Client 5: University of Nebraska Medical Centre

We have developed mobile Apps and backend Web based system for this client. It has T-test based colour analysis and data manipulation. We have develop iOS and Android based mobile and tab based application. Basically this application used for weapons and others instruments colour based critical analysis for research work. We have given back end Web based system where authorize person can view and provide meaningful data. It is really unique apps which we converted really time scientific calculation for research work.

Client 6:Music Mayhem

Games are created and controlled by a game show host.  The host has an account that allows setting up of games by managing playlists and running the actual game event.  Prior to the actual game event, the host needs to decide and, if needed, configure playlists.

For the game, a song is played through the game host’s computer.  The music is played back through a sound system dedicated to the environment.  While the song is playing back, the song title and artist are obscured on the screen, and slowly revealed.  Think Vanna White turning the letter blocks on Wheel of Fortune one at a time.

Client 7: Cincinnati Test Systems

We have developed Cincinnati mobile Apps for scientific calculator for thermostat concept. They are using back end as Oracle system. It huge system which integrated with multiple applications. We have integrated some of the functionality that are required for run the apps. We have developed iOS and Android both for it.

Client 8:Xerox – Complete Document Solutions

Web based Application will be integrate with Xerox machine for end user to perform predefine screen to request service, request suppliers, Submit Meter reader and other functionality. The system allows end users to send request as per the option given under particular option on the screen. Application will integrate with existing API to pass the necessary information on the server. All option referencing locally in the machine to perform the task by the end users. Assuming existing SDK has design and layout. New application will built using existing layout.