Lead Management

Lead Management system was developed with the technical expertise of a leading pest control company in the Middle East. Web based and offered as Software as a Service, the system manages all the activities from leads and clients to contract management, payments, scheduling and reporting.

Key Features of the Solution

  • Manages all your leads and customer/contacts within the application
  • Sends quotes to the customers directly from the system in a clean PDF template with your own design, logo etc.
  • SendsConverts quotes to become a contract and assigns
  • # of visits for that company
  • Determines where the visit is fixed date (or day) or is flexible . This helps in scheduling jobs
  • Decides warehouse items to be used during the visit
  • Billing and other info
  • Schedules Technicians on site based on area or address
  • Allows Technicians to login and see their schedules
  • Allows Technicians to mark their visit complete
  • Allows you to pay Technicians per visit generate report per Technician
  • Manages warehouse with STOCK alerts, purchase and stock history
  • Generates 100s of reports with Customize Report options
  • Personalizes to suit your business
  • No software No downloads. Cloud Based and use as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model