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CRM platform to manage mainly its pre-paid base customer, on the shops and the contact center. The functionality expected from this application, ranges from customer history, customer provisioning and customer management. Each of the topics along with its operational details is presented in the following sections.


List of key integration notes and brief explanation:

  • MINSAT to perform administrative tasks on the users and retrieve users account information. Protocol used CAI (customer Administration Interface).
  • AIR (Account Information and refill) – to refill users accounts and this is used both for refills and adjustments.
  • SDP (Service Delivery Platform) – this is the node that hosts customer account/tariff/offers information.
  • Voucher Server – This hosts the Voucher information. You need to integrate with this platform to change the status of a card as a result of a refill operation, based on the serial number.
  • SMSC – you will need to send SMS to customers or agents or Managers. (SMPP)

  • BSCS, this is a Billing system for Ericsson/LHS used for postpaid customers (interface is tables)
  • File repository – to retrieve and display postpaid past invoices and eventually e-mail them to the customer.
  • MBC (mobile broad band) this is a solution used to provision data bundles to customers. Interface are web services.
  • MetoU peer to peer credit transfer. Web services.
  • SIM registration – where customer SIM are registered, interface Web services
  • Email server – t o send e-mail (protocol SMTP)

The lists of modules/features of the CRM are :

  • Customer History
  • Customer Management,
  • Customer Provisioning,
  • Customer Service Management