Community Solutions

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Online Notice Board

  • Post circulars online
  • Members get notified on new circulars via email and SMS
  • Attach documents to invoices
  • Optional features to obtain resident feedback to circulars

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Member Directory

  • Maintain contact details of tenants, owner and vendors
  • Send bulk EMAIL/SMS using to select groups
  • Members can manage their contact details to keep it updated
  • Export member directory to excel

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Discussion Forum

  • Members can share views and discuss topics of interest
  • No anonymous posts possible as author of each discussion is identified by his flat number
  • Restricted discussions group for committee Administrator can remove any discussion

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  • Members can post ads for personal goods for a quick sale
  • Ads need to be approved by committee member
  • Generate revenue for the society by allowing neighborhood businesses to place ads

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Message Templates

  • Create templates of messages that are sent frequently to members
  • Save time and effort, as you do not have to type the messages again and again
  • Create both EMAIL and SMS templates and group them into various categories

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